Autumn Pursuits

Colonel Squashbuttle

This morning, I was feeling a bit of remorse about how few fall-related things my boyfriend and I have done so far this season.  But on reviewing the list, we’ve actually done pretty well!

  • Bake all the pumpkin things!  I’ve only made bread so far, and it was actually a bit of a catastrophe (the bread felt done and a toothpick was even coming out mostly clean, but when I turned it out, it just melted.  Totally not done.  Oops.)  I’ll make more pumpkin things, so I’m fine with this progress.
  • Carve a pumpkin.  DONE.  I did Colonel Squashbuttle, the mister did a Drunkin and my roommate made an awesome flamey-faced one.
  • Visit the orchard.  DONE.  We got about $9 worth of apples of various varieties, mostly Cortland.
  • Bake all the apple things!  I made fritters, then froze the rest of the apples.  I’m sure I’ll make more things with them.
  • Feast!  We’ve made a few great autumny dinners.  Of note, we went to my parents’ house and did a glazed spiral-cut ham, stuffing, au gratin potatos and glazed carrots.
  • Fire?  My parents build the most amazing-smelling fire in their fireplace while we cooked the feast.  So double wonderful.
  • Take in all of autumn’s splendor.  Well, if autumn would get on the ball, perhaps we would.  The leaves have just barely begun changing, which is a bit off-schedule for this area.  I’m sure they’ll turn and be on the ground in the blink of an eye, though.

How are you doing on your fall must-do list?