Modcloth Stylish Surprise Spring 2015


For the Record Books

I nabbed some Modcloth Stylish Surprise items during their spring bonanza, and I lived to tell the tale!

What it is: Modcloth clears out their inventory by offering their goods as mystery boxes at pretty amazing discounts. Dresses are $20 each, Apparel and Shoes are $10 each, Apartment Goods and Jewelry are $5 each. Pretty good, considering that their product prices tend to be boutique. They sell shoes and clothes by size. Since they’re clearance items, the sizes can be misleading, so you risk getting something that doesn’t come anywhere near fitting, as was my experience last time (4x is apparently my Modcloth size.)

How you get it: They only offer these annually (maybe semi annually?) This year, they only notified users of their mobile app of the sale. If you didn’t have the app, I don’t think you could even shop these items. Since the apartment and jewelry items sell out within a few minutes and some sizes are gone just as fast, you’ve got to be on top of your game.

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Mental Closet Organization, and some recommendations

I have a real problem with shopping.

I love to window shop the internet.  I love all the wonderful treasures that the internet shows me and puts just within reach.  I want all the things the internet shows me.  I want them NOW.

I have plenty of stuff right now.  In fact, I have too much stuff.  Stuff has taken over my room, my closet, the hall closet… stuff is everywhere.  I don’t need more stuff.


So, I’m just going to lay out the contents of my wardrobe here, mostly to prevent myself from buying a totally adorable coat or a dress I’ll never wear or a blazer, for whatever reason.

I’ve included example shopping links so that I may shop vicariously through the lot of you.

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