Style Post: Accessories: Autumn in the Wasteland

When I think about autumn, I always think about accessoires. I also think of survival. In Kentucky, autumn means the hunters come out of the woodworks. Their gear is chosen to keep them warm and hidden in their deer blinds. And their focus on efficiency is something we can all learn from; nobody wants to dig through a … More Style Post: Accessories: Autumn in the Wasteland

Fall Food Reviews

Hiram Walker Pumpkin Spice Schnapps ($9.49 at our local liquor mart): This is a tiny bit oily and an alarming shade of orange (I honestly thought the bottle was orange and was surprised when I poured it out in the glass!)  This was really yummy to me.  I can’t imagine just drinking a ton of it … More Fall Food Reviews

Autumn Pursuits

Colonel Squashbuttle This morning, I was feeling a bit of remorse about how few fall-related things my boyfriend and I have done so far this season.  But on reviewing the list, we’ve actually done pretty well! Bake all the pumpkin things!  I’ve only made bread so far, and it was actually a bit of a … More Autumn Pursuits