• Juicing : answering my own doubts

    So y’all know that the internet has a huge boner for juicing, right? It’s everywhere. Just ask Pinterest. People love juice recipes, people swear that their lives have been changed by fruit pulp and a centrifuge. I, of course, was deeply skeptical. My brain had far more reasons to say NAY than to jump on the bandwagon. […] Continue reading

  • Regional Differences

    Recently, we were discussing regional food differences. I was born and raised in Kentucky.  While the South isn’t sure they claim us and the North doesn’t want us, we self-identify as Southern.  And who would argue?  There’s a distinct Kentucky drawl and some very Southern cookin’ going on.  We have some regional dishes–the hot brown […] Continue reading

  • Banana Bread

    Banana bread is something of a staple at my parents’ house.  It’s not hot and ready every day, but it’s so common, there’s probably miniature loaves stashed away in their deep freeze somewhere.  Of course, they’ll stay there forever because thawed and baked banana bread will never compare to fresh from the oven for the […] Continue reading