I’ve spent more time outside this summer than ever in my life, quite possibly.  Cleaning the apartment or doing the dishes doesn’t feel pointless anymore.  When I open my mouth, I know that the conversation will keep going, that there will be laughter or discussion or understanding.  I can totally disengage from the world, yet … More Falling


And I want to know if you feel loved in my embrace. And I want to know that you’ll be here a year from now. And I want to know how I can be better for you, for us. And I want to know what we’re doing right. And I want to know what you … More And

A Breakup

This is something I’ve needed to write for a very long time. I think it was the house. When you see things in hindsight, you can always see things more for what they are than when you were in the thick of it.  And I see so, so clearly that the house was a giant, … More A Breakup