Two home collections I’m currently lusting after…

I am a sucker for a fall/winter home décor collection. I admit this freely. I’m easy: you throw together some plaids, some stars and a few candleholders and you’ve got me. And if it’s cheap? Forget it, I’m in love.

I just had to show somebody my new crushes. (And no, no affiliate links on this one, and I’m not a paid shill. Though if someone wants to throw me some cash for this…)

IKEA Vinter

Image credit: IKEA

It’s no secret that IKEA’s winter/holiday collections are always charming as heck. But this year, they totally wooed me. Cable knit details, a lovely grey palette, stars, glass, industrial touches and a frickin’ faux crystal chandelier. Dude, IKEA just gets me.

Image credit: IKEA

My favorite items are definitely the silly plastic chandelier, these monochrome diamond gift boxes, this plumbing accident candelabra and the dishware featuring a cable knit look. And the styling, right?

Outside of the Vinter collection, I also recommend checking out this light, these string lights, this tree/light/ornament hanger and some Vintersaga to wash it all down with. I told you, charming as heck. And then some.



Target x Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

Image credit: Target / Hearth & Hand

Look, if there were ever a brand more antithetical to my own aesthetic, it would probably be Magnolia. Chip and Joanna Gaines are so stylish, while I am… not. That said, I do subscribe to Martha Stewart Living, so I certainly appreciate a good class-act. And their style is traditional with a little industrial edge.

And this collab with Target is uhvrythang. Think Southern hunter meets lowcountry classic meets people who own (and regularly use) cufflinks.

Image credit: Target / Hearth & Hand

My favorites from this one include these galvanized finish ornaments, this tree topper, this brass wreath hanger with a little bell (!), everything with this little x pattern on it, these star candleholders and this candleholder box centerpiece.

I was also struck by what a cute idea it was to include a dollhouse in the collection. They’re home remodelers, so it just makes sense!