Adding happy by subtracting Facebook

I joined way back when it was The Facebook. Only students at approved colleges and universities could join. Everyone on my "Friends" list was an actual person that I had met, and generally someone I had spoken face-to-face with at least once a month. We could draw doodles on each other's walls and I had [...]

I’m taking spices and surrounding myself with crystals, because what even is reality?

I like to conceptualize taking care of my wellness by picturing Lady Justice: a blindfolded woman holding scales, weighing what is known–much of which will be uncovered to be total bullshit in five years' time–with what is unknowable, unforeseeable, unplanforable. I don't always make great decisions with my health. I'm confronted with that fact every time [...]

Two home collections I’m currently lusting after…

I am a sucker for a fall/winter home décor collection. I admit this freely. I'm easy: you throw together some plaids, some stars and a few candleholders and you've got me. And if it's cheap? Forget it, I'm in love. I just had to show somebody my new crushes. (And no, no affiliate links on [...]

Mysterious Package Company: Curious & Conundrums

If you're not familiar with the Mysterious Package Company, it's actually a lot of fun. Their basic premise is they send you or a giftee a series of–get this–mysterious packages that tell a story. They create an intricate little world in their packages, with letters, newspaper clippings and "relic" items that reveal the mystery. Each [...]