Black Box Subscriptions Review 3

I’ve never subscribed to a box with the absolute intention of writing it a glowing review. When I came across Black Box Subscriptions, though, I felt as though I had a mission to tell people about this box. It’s a goth-oriented box from an artist/musician/brand promoter/jewelry hobbyist. They describe it as: “Get accessories, candies, makeup, jewelry, music, art, and more delivered right to your door! Also every month’s box comes with a bottle of black nail polish.” I saw several unboxing video reviews for this, and all of them seemed phenomenal. My experience?


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Ipsy July 2015 3

Another month, my final ipsy bag for now. Let’s talk about it:

Some questions you all have or how they Googled me 2

I checked the searches that led to my blog, and apparently, I have a few questions to answer. (First, let me just say that I am beyond psyched that my fans are clearly fat bisexuals who love Trader Joe’s. #fuckyes #mybrand) “are my arms too fat for sleeveless” No. You can absolutely wear a sleeveless shirt. Not so confident about rocking sleeveless? Me neither. When I’m trying a new outfit that I’m not totally confident in, I give it a “soft run” at the grocery store or on a day adventure with friends. The more you wear something, the more […]

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Chiropractic: Week 1 2

This was my first full week of chiropractic adjustments and therapy. What’s Been Done: On Monday, he adjusted my mid back. On Wednesday and Thursday, he adjusted my mid back, neck and coccyx. After each adjustment, I do 12 minutes of back stretching, 7 minutes of vibration, 12 minutes of wobbling and now up to 60 reps of neck stretches (!! ow my thighs!) I’ve also been given a few really simple stretches to do at home nightly–two reps each, two times a day. How I Feel: Different every day. I can tell that I feel more mobile and flexible. After […]

First real day of chiropractic 2

Today was my first real day of chiropractic care. My chiropractor told me to not gauge the entire experience on my previous adjustment, and he wasn’t wrong.



Hamptons Lane Box Review: American Breakfast 2

Told you I was interested in mixing things up! Hamptons Lane is a food/culinary subscription box. It’s $49/mo, but you can skip any month you like. The best part? The offer full spoilers every month before the “skip it” date, so you never have to be disappointed with a box. The box themes range from a cuisine (Italian/pasta) to something downright cheeky (one month, the theme was Fifty Shades of Chicken, complete with twine for trussing up your bird!) Each box comes with culinary tools, edibles and recipes you can make using the box contents. The recipes do require other ingredients and […]

An adjustment 4

I thought I’d share my first chiropractic adjustment experience! My first adjustment came at the end of my “results” appointment, wherein we discussed my x-rays. He asked me to nod my head (I experienced a little crunching noise), then march in place. When I stopped, he checked my posture. He had me lie down and checked my leg evenness (my legs are relatively the same length, but one hip sits sliiiightly higher). He had me lie down and felt my spine in my neck and identified the bone he wanted to move. When he got me ready to do the […]



In which Dootsie visits a chiropractor, or, is this quackery? 1

At the Pride festival a few weekends ago, I drunkenly stumbled into the booth of a local chiropractor. The lady operating the booth had such a calming presence that I listened to her pitch and ended up putting down a payment on an appointment. WHOOPS! I had the opportunity to cancel the appointment and refund my money, but I decided to go. $20 included x-rays and a consultation, so I figured I could at least get a clear picture of how my spine was doing. I know I’ve got terrible posture, I know I’ve got too much stress and I know I […]

Overshare 2

I think it was because my mom warned me not to tell those strangers on the internet anything–ANYTHING–about myself. It used to be the shared logic that posting any personal details online meant that you’d be stalked, robbed and murdered. Over the years, I’ve carefully crept in and out of various parts of the internet under various levels of anonymity. From pseudonyms to my full name, from catfish-level identity hiding to “Here I am, y’all”, I’ve tried it all. And honestly? I’m happiest as an oversharer. I have shared every part of myself but my name, city and work to a group […]

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Any idiot can write this: why I love creating “soft” content (or: I am that idiot) 2

I love writing “fluff”. Idiotic, meaningless, drivel pointless, filler, soft new, padding, rag fodder. The silly stuff. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a journalist. Not because I had a passion for news, but because I had a passion for writing and an imagination firmly footed in reality. I loved the stories passed down to me by word of mouth, and I was excited to tell them. In college, I took courses in journalism. My alma mater is a liberal arts school–emphasis on the liberal–so my professor was an accomplished poet with a delightful pacing to her […]