Vulnerability and Faking It 1

My online therapist and I have been talking about vulnerability. Ughhhhhhhh DO WE HAAAAAVE TO? He sent me a TED Talk to check out. It’s a talk I’d seen before, but hadn’t given a ton of thought to. Brené, the speaker, suggests that selective numbing just ain’t a thing; you have to feel everything to feel anything. Oof!  It’s hard for me to allow myself to be open to my vulnerability because I struggle with Impostor Syndrome. I feel like a fake, so I must project absolute confidence–or at least active competence–at all times to not be called out for being a lying […]



Give ‘er the ol’ stick ‘n poke : tattooing myself 2

I gave myself a tattoo. Stick ‘n pokes (aka prison tattoos) have a bad rep. Most people are used to associating home tattoos with safety pins and broken open ink pens. They’re thought of as insanitary and generally, pretty awful-looking. My boyfriend has been watching a lot of Ink Master and is pretty fascinated with the concept of tattooing. He joked often about getting a tattoo gun or trying a stick ‘n poke, but I always shut him down. But as all bad ideas do, the thought really stuck around with me. My douchebag brain asked, ‘What if this is my art?’ […]

PopSugar Must Have : April 2016 2

Wait, did I forget to jabber on about the Popsugar box? I did, I did! Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat by Chrissy Teigen – I’m normally not a fan of celebrity cookbooks, but the recipes in this one are fun, approachable and darn scrumptious-looking. I may regift this, but it was a nice item. Royal Apothic Conservatories Hand Cream, Field Poppy, 3.3 Ounce – This is too floral for my taste, so I’ll be regifting it. It’s a very luxurious hand cream, though, and it comes with a squeezer to get all the goodness out of the […]



Fortune Cookie Soap Box : Summer 2016 2

When I found out the theme for this month’s Fortune Cookie Soap Box was “Just Keep Swimming”, I was like OF COURSE IT IS! Finding Dory is coming out this summer, so it’s a perfect theme for summer and so on the FCS brand! Fortune Cookie Soap Company is an adorable indie soap brand that does a quarterly box. For $19.99 every three months, they send a gaggle of sample-size products from a theme of an upcoming product launch. You also get a $10 discount code to use on their bath and body products. Want a referral link discount? Get […]

Lola Review : cotton tampons 2

I got a free month of Lola tampons through last month’s Pop Sugar box. I figured I would give it a try because, hey, tampons ain’t cheap. (You can get your first two-box order for $9 on their site.) The concept is they send you 100% cotton tampons in your chosen variety of light, regular and super. I assumed that, because they’re focused on the EVILS of what may be lurking in your tampons, that they wouldn’t choose plastic applicators. I was mistaken. They promise that the plastic is BPA-free, but they don’t mention much more about it. Their box labeling […]



Lately, I’ve tried… 2

With my Thrive Market trial subscription and Amazon Prime, I’ve gotten a bit adventurous with snacks and health products. (Affiliate links): Kettle Brand Potato Pepperoncini Flavour – I love Kettle chips. They’re thick and crunchy and the flavours are always pretty bold. I chose these because I LOVE their jalapeño. These don’t really deliver on the pepper taste, but they’re still really interesting. Imagine a really bold, spicy sour cream and onion. It’s neat, but definitely not for everyone. Epic Bar : Bison, Bacon and Cranberry – These were game-changers for me. These have no nitrates, but they taste like pickled sausages (which I love.) […]

Online therapy is rocking my life 6

I’ve always avoided in-person therapy. When I speak to anyone who I genuinely accept as an expert or someone “important”, my eyes water. If I start talking about anything I’ve got any emotion tied up in whatsoever, you bet your ass I’m gonna cry. And not adorable little sniffles of sadness. No no. It’s full-on ugly bawling, with snot and sobs and stuff. I become incapable of speech, incapable of thought. I am just cry. What I’m saying is, I’m not so good at talking about my feelings. I’ve always wished there was another way, a way more suited to […]

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Walmart Beauty Box : Spring 2016 2

Here’s another Walmart Beauty Box! They’re “free” ($5 shipping per quarter) and they now let you choose from one of two beauty profiles. They automatically chose “trendsetter” for me, since I was at the time under 30. The millennials, they love trends! I’ve gone on and on about why I love this box, but it really is just the right price point, shipped just often enough for me to never be disappointed. I always seem to get one item that makes the subscription feel like a good value for me. This month was no exception! Colgate Optic White Toothpaste – I’m […]

PopSugar Must Have : March 2016 3

Ahhhh, the PSMH. My fave. The Must Have box is $39.95 monthly is about five lifestyle, fashion and home items with a combined value over $100. Often, there are items that are PopSugar-exclusives. They’ve just added the Must Have Mini, which includes two full-size products for just $18.95. A promo email promised that the value would always be over $30, so that’s nice. The Must Have box is one I pick up and drop randomly based on my budget and teaser items. This month, I snatched the box because the teaser item was an exclusive Nanette Lepore watch. I figured […]


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Thrive Market Review

Thrive Market is a “socially-conscious” online store for natural and organic snacks and products, which it claims to offer at 25-50% below retail price. When you sign up, you get a 30-day free trial plus 15% off your first order. After 30 days, your membership begins: it costs $59.95 per year. This fee offers a free membership to a low-income family AND they promise that if you don’t save your membership value in the year, they’ll add a credit for the next year. I find the model really interesting. I got a special offer to try the service out. I placed […]