5 Adulting Confidence Boosters for the Week

  1. Contact a friend who will know something about your current need.  You’ll instantly feel better.
  2. Breathe deeply before–and while–tackling any adulting project.
  3. On the fence about contacting an office for something (forms, copy of your optical prescription, records, etc)?  Trust that your request isn’t unusual, bothersome or out of line.  Someone has asked about this before!
  4. You can do this.  Believe it!
  5. Visualize giving yourself a medal.  You deserve it!

ModCloth Stylish Surprise: March 2014

I ordered the Stylish Surprise from ModCloth.  I spent $50 for three pieces of clothing and two pairs of shoes (they were sold out of the $5 accessories.)  I figured that if I got one piece of clothing that I was pleased with and a pair of shoes I liked, my money would be well-spent.  It didn’t really work out that way.

I fit solidly within their size chart for 3x.  None of the clothes come anywhere near fitting me.  How disappointing!  I hesitated and considered getting the 4x, but I would’ve been just as disappointed if the clothes were too big, so what do ya do?

Meanwhile, the shoes made me sublimely happy.  I actually know nothing about the company, but from a comfort perspective, shoes from G. H. Bass are worth their (often) $50 price tag.  Getting them for $10 a pair was awesome.

Did I get a $50 value?  G. H. Bass shoes retail for $48-$119 on their website (and $48ish on Zappos.)  I’m a thrifty shopper, so I probably wouldn’t have purchased these shoes at that price, however.  And I’m still just so sad that none of the clothes fit me.  The Stylish Surprise bags have a no returns, no exchange policy, but I’m still going to contact Modcloth.  I don’t expect a return, I just want to let them know that I’m disappointed.  I’ve always hesitated ordering from Modcloth due to their unusual sizing and this is giving me zero confidence to place another order.

Out of the Blue Dress – This might fight a 2x.  It was so tight, I couldn’t zip it and still couldn’t get out of the thing!  The straps seem much thinner than the picture shows, but the skirt seems a tiny bit fuller.  I’ll be getting rid of this one.  It’s cute and pretty good quality.  It just doesn’t fit.

Dainty Dally Dress – Oh, I wanted this to fit so badly.  The bust is weird as hell and would work much better for a woman with a smaller bust than mine.  The waist fits, but the dress hangs a bit strangely on me.  With a cardigan over it, it would be fine, I’m sure.  I may still part with this.

The Answer is Sheer Top - To put it kindly, this shirt sucks.  It looks cute enough; it’s a cap sleeve shirt (the cap sleeves are much smaller than the product shot) with an intentionally see-through, polka-dotted upper portion.  I say intentionally see-through because due to terrible fabric quality, the whole shirt is pretty transparent–even moreso than the product shot suggests.  Under a high-buttoned cardigan or strapless dress, this shirt would be fine.  However, the sizing is much closer to a 1x.  Wholly disappointing.

Down Luxury Lane Flat - First, lemmie say: I don’t care for the print.  Lots of wealthy equestriennes wear scarves with these prints around here, but mostly, they remind me of women in the 80s/90s wearing full silk tracksuits of this stuff.  But.  But but but.  These are so comfortable.  They’re delightfully padded and just perfectly hug my feet.  With jeans, only a bit of the print peeks out, and so it’s fine.  I’m just biased against this print.  Haha

Sealed With a Twist Sandals – I didn’t expect these, but I loved them instantly.  They’re yellow.  I would never chose yellow sandals and rarely would I choose something with an ankle strap.  They’re comfortable, wonderfully padded and I just love them.  Even though it’s raining, I’m wearing them today.

Gallbladder Update

So I had my surgery back in July.  I anticipated the worst after that sucker came out, but things actually went really smoothly for me.  I ate sushi on day three after the surgery and pizza the same week.  Aside from random discomfort in my scars and some changes to “normal” for my body, things have gone pretty smoothly.


Higher fat content meals are bothering me more lately.  I’m gassier and I have rare, occasional heartburn (something I’ve been blessed to have maybe once a year before now.)  If I skip meals, I get diarrhea.  It’s–interesting? weird?–to see how my digestive system has changed in the months after my surgery.  I have to graze.  I do have to watch the fat content of my meals, though it only seems to matter if it gets astronomical.  My migraines haven’t stopped, but my diarrhea/indigestion symptoms with that have almost totally disappeared (I still can’t eat anything before or during a migraine, but it’s been a world of difference.)

It’s still the best money I’ve ever spend, though I’m still paying for it (ugh, need to do that today.)  But my experience?  Still solidly positive, despite the changes it’s made to my routine.

Ipsy March 2014

So my review of this bag will break from standard format.  Please bear with me.

First, lemmie get this out of the way: I didn’t care for this month’s ipsy at all.  Three of the four products immediately went on the “giveaway” pile (the lipstick, eyeshadow and Pixi poreless product shades were eh.) The bag itself I just do not like-the print is awesome and I love that they’ve gotten an artist to design it, but the oilcloth feels so icky and the printing process made the colours all muddled.  I’m SUPER bummed that I didn’t get the OPI nail polish (only because I’m probably gunna buy the whole line!)

But here’s the thing.  I’ve been looking at other subscription services and I’ve been trying to make up my mind about whether I’d like to spend my $10 a month elsewhere.  It forced me to really take a look at why I’m subscribed to ipsy (aside from the fact that several of my friends are subbies!)  Honestly? I love getting stuff in the mail.  I love having a set budget for makeup every month (which I mostly stick to.)  I love getting to try products that I would absolutely never spring the cash to try.  I love that ipsy isn’t just a “curated collection”–the cash value of the bag is always more than what I paid.  I love chatting about makeup, especially with friends.  I like the ipsy community, I like having backup gifts (ha), I like the ipsyPoints program and I like having something to look forward to!

So I’m keeping ipsy.  Even though I have a million black eyeliners and mascaras.  Even though I get products every month that I don’t care for.  Even though I almost never buy the products I get in the bag.  Even though I have a zillion little makeup bags kickin’ around, just waiting for a home.

I’ve looked into other subscription services and I’m still undecided.  I’m willing to hear your pitches for other services!

World Book Day


Today is World Book Day, which means you are supposed to make a wish when you buy a book.

Wish for dark things built of shadow and ash.

Wish for abominations that conflict with the laws of reality with their mere existence.

Wish for black witchfire and ghosts and cemetery dust and an eldritch, unseen clock counting the heartbeats until your ascension.

Good luck surviving World Book Day. This is not a lightweight task. Good luck to us all.