Fortune Cookie Soap Box : Spring 2016 1   Recently updated !

I speak for the FCSB! The spring Fortune Cookie Soap Box theme was The Lorax! It’s a perfectly lovely theme for spring, as it’s all about bright colours and remembering to love the environment. To play on the theme, the box extra goodie was some plantable paper confetti! Free flowers. Overall, I continue to love the Fortune Cookie Soap Box ($19.99 every four months, includes shipping). It always feels like a phenomenal value. They promise eight exclusive FCS products plus a $10 off code for their website. That makes most of their full-size products completely free! The scents are always exciting […]



Peaches and Petals : January 2016 2

My boyfriend was disappointed that there weren’t any peaches in the box. I have to say, that would’ve beat what I got. Peaches and Petals describes itself thusly: “Experience our world of fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle in a hand-curated box delivered to you each month.” Every box I checked out was accessories and jewelry, so I was excited to try this box at half off (use code PEACHADDICT). Naturally, the month I try it, the box includes exactly one piece of jewelry and zero accessories. Then again, the box reviews I checked out said that they included ancient […]

Under My Own Authority 3

My boss hired a business consultant, mostly to just look at our internal structures and see if there need to be adjustments to our workflow. Aside from being smart as a whip, she was full of encouragement. I felt very uplifted after my first meeting with her. I also found myself coming to a major realization: I’ve been waiting for someone to come along and tell me I have authority. The authority to say “no”, the authority to speak decisively, the authority to be a little more steadfast. NO ONE’S GOING TO. There is no authority fairy. There will not be […]



Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet : January 2016 : Sicker, Sad World 2

Notoriously Morbid is an indie beauty brand that gears their goods towards people who are a little on the morbid side. Products are typically titled after horror, fantasy and weird books, movies and TV. The Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet is a (rather hard to get) surprise sample bag that plays on a theme each month. The waitlist is painfully long since it’s an indie brand, and I’m okay with that. I get that scaling an indie brand can be hard. The Vanishing Cabinet is $12.90 a month (shipping is included). They’re trying out offering the ability to buy a one-month trial […]

Birchbox January 2016: Korean Beauty 4

So this was one of those boxes that “spoiled” the entire contents before it was released. I was super excited about the theme, so I jumped on it. As KRo and I discussed in the comments on a previous post, Birchbox always set itself off on the completely wrong foot with me. I had to wait–I believe–nearly a year to get off the “waitlist”, and by then? I was completely over it. I understand that some brands–especially smaller ones–can’t just throw the barn doors wide open and invite everybody in all at once. But a year for something that’s become a […]


Five foods I refuse to eat (because they are bullshit) 2

1.) Orange Juice – Okay, this isn’t so much a food. But it’s also not so much an actual juice. If you’ve ever had orange juice you’ve squeezed from an actual orange, you know that the juice tastes nothing like what you get in a store, and that it’s not actually all that orange. Why? Blame it on the flavour packs. Commercial orange juice is a gross, brown pulp that’s stored in tanks for a year or so. They then pump it with suspended powder colouring and fill it with flavours–which do not have to be listed on ingredient labels–that […]

5 Gratitudes, 5 Goals 4

I posted this on Tumblr, but I thought I’d expand on it here. Please share your gratitudes and goals! I’d love to know about your years behind and years ahead! 2015 Gratitudes: I learned a little bit more about my own tenacity. I experienced a–in the grand scheme of things–small personal crisis in November/December, and I faced it with calm. If this had been years past, I don’t think I would’ve kept it together. I’m still healing, but I’m proud of myself. My relationship has grown deeper and more solid than ever. We’re learning more about our pressure points and […]



Popsugar Must Have Box : December 2015 5

Y’all know I love the PopSugar Box. I accidentally failed to take a picture of the box in the midst of the holiday rush. You’ll forgive me, right? LUV AJ Ombre Plated Bracelet ($65 value – similar pictured) – Oh my goshhhhh this is so chunky. So chunky and too short for my chunky wrist. It’s gold, silver and rose gold plated. I feel like the “ombre” looks like a mistake from every angle. I would’ve been much happier if the links had been mixed or something. But it’s SO DARN CHUNKY. Like, bad mobster dude chunky. Stowaway Creme Lipstick […]

Walmart Box: Winter 2015

I continue to love the Wal-Mart box! The sample sizes are big enough to be a real treat. I know my expectations of this box are significantly lower than of the other subscriptions I’ve tried, but I owe that to the fact that Wal-Mart never tried to ratchet up my expectations. This month? I was super pleased. I was a little surprised that they didn’t aim more at the gift-giving angle, but this was a good month for me. Goody SlideProof Elastics (full size!) – Okay, I was so jazzed about these. They have little grippies that remind me of […]


Nibbled Cheese Board

Gift Guide: Fred & Friends

When I’m looking for quirky, fun gifts, I inevitably end up suggesting about a hundred different things from the Fred & Friends brand. It’s the ultimate White Elephant gift destination, with punny, kitschy gifts that appeal to pretty much anyone who likes anything. From Taylor Swift to your zany uncle Bob, I get I can find a gift for just about anyone from Fred & Friends. TEST ME. (Note: I’m not sponsored by Fred & Friends in any way. I’ve just been a fan for eons.) Fuzzy Face Picture Frame ($18) – Did you love Wooly Willy as a kid? This is a […]