Black Box Subscriptions : August 2015 1   Recently updated !

As soon as I got this box, I cancelled this subscription. It felt really weird to do so, but it’s just not meeting my expectations. I’ll address why in this post, as well as a few suggestions if anyone out there wants ’em.



Loot Crate August 2015 : Villains 2

This was an impulse buy for me. Loot Crate ($13.95/mo +$6 shipping in the US) is a geeky-themed box with 6-8 products. I’ve actually previously avoided this subscription because I feel like these tend to assume that you’re geeky for everything. I don’t like the idea that I’d be getting products for fandoms that I don’t remotely want to be a part of (cough cough Dr. Who/Adventure TIme). When I found out this box theme was Villains and the spoilers included The Joker, I was curious. When I found out another product was Breaking Bad? I was in!

Fortune Cookie Soap Company: The Soap Box review 5

I’m so excited to share this box with you! !! !!! Fortune Cookie Soap Company is probably best known for (you’ll never believe it) their soap, which is created in the shape of fortune cookies! They also have a full range of bath and body products. Their scents range from geeky themes to really classic combinations. They also happen to have a mystery box. Insert starry-eyed emoji here.



Chiropractic Update

How is it going? Pretty well! Just please remind me of that when I wake up in the morning… See, I fight with myself as soon as I wake up about whether or not it’s worth going, worth continuing. I dread going. It feels like too much for too little result. But then I get it done and over with, and I feel awesome. I did some muscle tests this week and my chiropractor says that I’m progressing exactly as he hoped. And I notice a difference. In my posture, in how I feel, in attitude toward life. Are my […]

Plant Nanny: Drinking water just got a whole lot cuter

I’ve been trying to drink more water. Someone recommended the free app Plant Nanny. The premise is simple and cute: when you drink water, you tap the screen to water the plant. If you don’t drink enough, your plant will begin to wither. Keep watering the plant on schedule and your plant will flourish! Just like your body! I have Push Notifications on for this app, so every time I hear the little *ploop* of “Your plant is thirsty! Give it and yourself some water!” I groan. It’s an obligation. But is it working? Well, yes! I’ve been drinking more water and […]



Black Box Subscriptions Review 3

I’ve never subscribed to a box with the absolute intention of writing it a glowing review. When I came across Black Box Subscriptions, though, I felt as though I had a mission to tell people about this box. It’s a goth-oriented box from an artist/musician/brand promoter/jewelry hobbyist. They describe it as: “Get accessories, candies, makeup, jewelry, music, art, and more delivered right to your door! Also every month’s box comes with a bottle of black nail polish.” I saw several unboxing video reviews for this, and all of them seemed phenomenal. My experience?

Ipsy July 2015 3

Another month, my final ipsy bag for now. Let’s talk about it:

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Some questions you all have or how they Googled me 2

I checked the searches that led to my blog, and apparently, I have a few questions to answer. (First, let me just say that I am beyond psyched that my fans are clearly fat bisexuals who love Trader Joe’s. #fuckyes #mybrand) “are my arms too fat for sleeveless” No. You can absolutely wear a sleeveless shirt. Not so confident about rocking sleeveless? Me neither. When I’m trying a new outfit that I’m not totally confident in, I give it a “soft run” at the grocery store or on a day adventure with friends. The more you wear something, the more […]

Chiropractic: Week 1 2

This was my first full week of chiropractic adjustments and therapy. What’s Been Done: On Monday, he adjusted my mid back. On Wednesday and Thursday, he adjusted my mid back, neck and coccyx. After each adjustment, I do 12 minutes of back stretching, 7 minutes of vibration, 12 minutes of wobbling and now up to 60 reps of neck stretches (!! ow my thighs!) I’ve also been given a few really simple stretches to do at home nightly–two reps each, two times a day. How I Feel: Different every day. I can tell that I feel more mobile and flexible. After […]


First real day of chiropractic 2

Today was my first real day of chiropractic care. My chiropractor told me to not gauge the entire experience on my previous adjustment, and he wasn’t wrong.