Why I didn’t care for the Gilmore girls reboot.

1.) What has Rory done in 10 years? As far as I can tell, she’s had one piece, plus a couple bylines. When we last left her, she was hopping on Obama’s campaign bus. No one mentions any work coming out of that… and that work would’ve been over at latest in 2012. What has she been doing? The creators groused that everyone was too focused on Rory’s love life and not asking whether she’d won a Pulitzer, but… apparently, they were too busy worrying about her mistakes to decide to give her a career at all? 2.) Rory is […]


Fortune Cookie Soap Box : Winter 2016

The theme was Through the Wardrobe, a nod to the Chronicles of Narnia… which I know next to nothing about. The only thing I do know about it is that there’s a lot of winter in there, so it makes good sense as a winter soap box theme. All of the products they sent this month were white and red, which was super charming and beautiful… but also a little confusing. They often make each scent a different colour so that when you go to buy it from their site, it’s pretty easily recognizable. But as a curation, this box was […]

Walmart beauty box : fall 2016

Let me Teal Deer this one for you: This box was great, and my belief that this subscription is worth the cost of admission remains unabated. The Standouts for me: • Batiste Dry Shampoo – This is a cult favorite among dry shampoos. Great add-in. • Dove Nutrium Moisture in Peony – I normally cringe when I see something is floral scented, but this is absolutely lovely. • Hello Toothpaste – I actually got a full-size tube of this in a PopSugar box, and I LOVE it. The texture is a little goopy, but the flavor isn’t very aggressive and […]


Juicing : answering my own doubts

So y’all know that the internet has a huge boner for juicing, right? It’s everywhere. Just ask Pinterest. People love juice recipes, people swear that their lives have been changed by fruit pulp and a centrifuge. I, of course, was deeply skeptical. My brain had far more reasons to say NAY than to jump on the bandwagon. But once I jumped in, I actually found out that there wasn’t much to hate. Juice extractors are expensive. While this can be very true, they lower range models are getting more affordable. The one I got (Westinghouse WJE2BSLA Select Series) is just $45 on Amazon, […]

Fortune Cookie Soap Box : Fall 2016

Y’all know the drill, right? The Fortune Cookie Soap Box is $19.99 quarterly and features a smattering of specially-made bath and body products from the Fortune Cookie Soap Company. They’re always adorable. Bonus? Every box comes with a $10 credit for the FCS shop. If you’re a frequent buyer of indie bath products, I truly believe this is an awesome deal. The Overall: I LOVE this theme, and I usually love their fall boxes, but this had a few misses for me. I know I’m a bit of a rough customer when it comes to bath and body products because […]


Culinary boner : 5 foodie products I excitedly recommend

Have you ever had something, then kinda wished you’d never tried it, because now your life is forever changed and there’s no going back from here because you know what you’d be missing? Yeah, I’ve had a couple of those moments recently. Curate Gluten-Free Snack Bars Y’know how you can eat some health foods, and your body instantly perks up, as if recognizing “Hey! This is good for us! And like, made of real, actual things??!” These bars offer those moments, every dang time you unwrap one. We have yet to come across a variety that either I or my boyfriend isn’t absolutely nuts […]

Rocksbox! 2

Rocksbox is $19/mo for a Netflix-ish jewelry subscription. They send you three pieces of jewelry and you can return them and swap out as much as you want. You make a “wish list” of jewelry items you love, and one of the pieces they pick to send you will be from that list. You also earn $10 a month to spend on future purchases. With the average “member price” of my pieces around $80, it wouldn’t take long until you earn a free or very discounted piece of jewelry to keep! Curation is a part of this subscription, and possibly […]

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Play! By Sephora : May 2016 2

So of all the beauty boxes I’ve ever come across, the one that got me most amped was the Play! By Sephora box. Thaaaat’s right, a beauty box by the retailer that’s got access to darn near every major cosmetics brand. It’s $10/month, available here. I signed up for the waitlist on this box maaaaany months ago. At the time, they were only doing the box in select markets, where their Sephora stores could accommodate a Play! party, wherein the makeup staff could demo products. Since then, they’ve opened the box up nationally, though there is still a waitlist. Now, the Play! […]

Vulnerability and Faking It 1

My online therapist and I have been talking about vulnerability. Ughhhhhhhh DO WE HAAAAAVE TO? He sent me a TED Talk to check out. It’s a talk I’d seen before, but hadn’t given a ton of thought to. Brené, the speaker, suggests that selective numbing just ain’t a thing; you have to feel everything to feel anything. Oof!  It’s hard for me to allow myself to be open to my vulnerability because I struggle with Impostor Syndrome. I feel like a fake, so I must project absolute confidence–or at least active competence–at all times to not be called out for being a lying […]



Give ‘er the ol’ stick ‘n poke : tattooing myself 2

I gave myself a tattoo. Stick ‘n pokes (aka prison tattoos) have a bad rep. Most people are used to associating home tattoos with safety pins and broken open ink pens. They’re thought of as insanitary and generally, pretty awful-looking. My boyfriend has been watching a lot of Ink Master and is pretty fascinated with the concept of tattooing. He joked often about getting a tattoo gun or trying a stick ‘n poke, but I always shut him down. But as all bad ideas do, the thought really stuck around with me. My douchebag brain asked, ‘What if this is my art?’ […]