Gwynnie Bee: Take 2

So I decided to give Gwynnie Bee a try once again. My experience this time has been more positive, but there have still been some hiccups.

Karen Kane Paint Blocks Contrast Top


ipsy May 2015

‘Nother month, ‘nother glam bag!

ipsy April 2015

I’m just realizing that I never reviewed my April glam bag. Why? WELLL…


Seven ways to learn to try foods you think you hate 2

So I hate a lot of food. While it’s completely true that I’m a picky asshole, a lot of the foods I hate are a stomach-turning aversion rather than a “I don’t liiiiiiIIIIiiIIIIIIke that” whine. They also tend to be “healthy” or “clean” foods. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of “junk” foods I hate just as much, but those don’t tend to pop up every time I Google “what the hell should I eat for dinner”. Because the list of meals that are convenient to make and my-mouth approved is pretty short. I’m trying to learn to like […]



Throw a Derby party

I see countless “How to Host a Derby Bash” posts around this time of year, written by hapless New Yorkers who have never even set foot in Kentucky, with no clue how vital the nuances and novelties of this tradition truly are. Allow me to educate you on how to throw an authentic–if Dootsified–Derby party. Skip the julep : I don’t know anyone who actually relishes the taste of a mint julep. The silver cups are iconic, but the taste is one to be acquired. Instead, take your (Kentucky) bourbon neat. If you need a twist, mix with hand-crushed ice […]

Five Mother’s Day gifts that you’re going to want to steal 1

I got my mom something pretty cool this year, but I keep running across items that would be wonderful for moms (or anybody!) who needs a little cheer right now. I know it’s supposed to be a day just for your mom, but I’m a big supporter of the “It Takes a Village” style of parenting, and I feel like there are a lot of people out there who deserve to be celebrated for all the mothering they do. But also, some of this stuff is awesome. If you need a treat… well, I won’t tell if you don’t.   […]



5 things I’ve learned about learning to read tarot 2

Learning to read tarot cards is not an easy task. I’ve been trying, and here’s what I’ve come to understand: While each card has a meaning, the meaning is still subjective. A lot of factors go into determining what a tarot spread is saying. First, you have to think about the spread in terms of how it’s responding to the question or audience. Second, you have to think about how the cards relate to one another. Third, there’s the “gut feeling” element: if you’re looking at a spread and you just feel compelled to blurt an answer that’s not presented […]

She started hydrating more… what happened next probably won’t surprise you. 2

What you probably don’t know about me is that I don’t drink enough water. It’s not that I’m one of those people you see on TV who cling to a bottle of Mountain Dew 24/7. It’s that all of the water I have access to on a regular basis tastes like trash. The water in my apartment tastes like a mouldy basement, and the ice it makes is like concentrated basement flavour mixed with stale fridge. The water at my office is better and filtered right in front of me, but the ice is pretty awful-tasting. We can never keep enough gallon […]


Left in a Spin

Modcloth Stylish Surprise Spring 2015

I nabbed some Modcloth Stylish Surprise items during their spring bonanza, and I lived to tell the tale! What it is: Modcloth clears out their inventory by offering their goods as mystery boxes at pretty amazing discounts. Dresses are $20 each, Apparel and Shoes are $10 each, Apartment Goods and Jewelry are $5 each. Pretty good, considering that their product prices tend to be boutique. They sell shoes and clothes by size. Since they’re clearance items, the sizes can be misleading, so you risk getting something that doesn’t come anywhere near fitting, as was my experience last time (4x is apparently […]